~Cranberry Sauce Sheet Cake!

This moist and scrumptious cake will have you reaching for seconds..the tang from the Cranberries mixed with the sweet cake are divine!

I’m almost ashamed of how easy this is..almost! :)

1. Prepare your favorite box of white cake mix..
2. Spread it out evenly into a medium sheet pan..

3. Swirl in 1 can of Whole Cranberry Sauce..(see pic)
4. Bake at 350 until golden!
5. While it’s warm drizzle some White Chocolate over the whole thing (I used my new obsession..Dunkin Hines “Amazing Glazes”)
~Best served warm..almost hot! :) ~Enjoy!
*HINT*  A chocolate drizzle would be fabulous also, or if you’re feeling really crazy, try vanilla & chocolate! :)

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