Mac-n-Cheese Balls with bacon–rolled around in Ruffles chips and fried!!

Okay..I realize that this recipe should come with a health warning, however, if you have adequate self control, you will be able to have only one and be just fine!! Good Luck! :)

Whip up a pot of your favorite Mac-n-Cheese according to the box instructions..let it cool and stir in crispy bacon pieces, and one large egg, S&P..combine well!  If the mixture is too loose to form a ball, add a sprinkle or 2 of bread crumbs until it’s thicker!” :)

Prepare to get a little messy!!
With your CLEAN hands, roll a handful of the mac-n-cheese into about a 1″ (or so) ball and then cover that ball in a coating of Panko and crushed Ruffles! 
Fry up the balls (I use Canola oil) until they are a golden brown and crispy on all sides!

~Enjoy your one!  :)

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