What better way to incorporate an amazing football snack with Halloween?  Use America’s favorite orange chip..Doritos!

What a difference a chip can make when it comes to Nachos!!

Starting with a solid Doritos foundation, I began construction!  For this particular batch, I made it a bit more substantial, by adding chicken!  I shredded up some fully cooked rotisserie chicken breast…Yes, somehow I felt like by using the lean white meat, it was a healthier option, therefore less calorie guilt, women will understand…men, just go with it! 

~This mountain of nachos consits of layering the following:
Nacho Cheese Doritos
Crispy bacon
Shredded Chicken
Re-fried beans and some whole Pinto Beans
A blend of Mexican shredded cheeses
and Salsa
Simply keep layering until you run out of ingredients, or it starts to show signs of a collapse!
Bake at 350 until ..like love, you JUST know! 🙂

Top with sour cream and garnish with jalapenos and/or Cilantro!

*HINT*  If you sneak a couple of bites in the kitchen before you serve them, remember~wash your hands to remove all traces of orange Doritos evidence, and if asked..deny, deny, deny! 🙂

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