This is the super fun version of a typical cinnamon roll!  The “Party” cinnamon roll! The cinnamon roll gone wild!  This recipe will have Cinnabon applying for a liquor! :)

In’s not even a “roll”’s an oddly shaped, folded bundle of the best tasting dessert you could ever imagine!
They’re so tasty, that they don’t even have to be pretty! :)

No liquor license required for you though!  Here’s the simple way you can transform your cinnamon rolls from wall-flower, to life of the party!

The perfect combination!


What you’ll need:
1 can of Pillsbury Flaky Biscuits
1/2 cup of sliced almonds
1/2 cup of butter (not shown)
1 cup of brown sugar
Jack Daniel’s Whiskey (as much,or as little as you want)
Dunkin Hines Vanilla Amazing Glazes (Or some cream cheese frosting)  for the top!


Oh Yeahh!  :)


In a medium sauce pot melt the butter and the brown sugar together over low heat..stirring to combine!
After it’s combined, add in some Jack Daniel’s..(As much as you want..I like to actually taste it)
and set it aside.
Roll out an individual biscuit roll, just to flatten it.  Spoon on some of the melted butter and sugar mixture, and fold up the edges, kind of creating a pouch that traps all the liquid (don’t worry about actually rolling it) and put it into an oven safe plate. ??
River of sinful goodness!


Repeat with all the rolls, and snug them in close to eachother!
Drizzle the top with the remaining glaze mixture and top with the almonds.
Bake at 350 degrees, for 20 or so minutes..until they are cooked through and puffy! (I like a chewy center, if you don’t, then simply bake them longer)
Drizzle with some glaze or frosting, and dig into the moist, and delicious river of goodness tucked inside! Serve warm!
*HINT* You may need to have a designated driver available…just in case! :)
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