~Pepperoni Pizzadilla!

My love for food fusion, and word fusion lives on..with this delicious combination of a Pizza and a Quesadilla! 

Why not right?  I mean, they’re perfect for each other! The cheesy double layers of the quesadilla provide a strong and loving home for any pizza toppings you can imagine! :) 

Add some fresh garlic and this makes a great alternative to a bread course..the perfect little appetizer!
I kept this one simple, but the possibilities are endless!!  To give this a try..just glue 2 flour tortillas together with cheese..then top the whole thing with more cheese and your toppings of choice! 

Bake it on a sheet pan for about 12-15 minutes, or until the cheese is golden and the tortilla is crispy! 

And of course, serve with lots of Ranch for dipping!~Enjoy!  :)

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