~Butterfinger Granola!

Granola can mean so many different things to so many people.  For me its definition has been directly related to my age, as a kid it meant yummy, chewy, candybar-ish treats, as a young adult it meant tree hugging and hemp sandals..being seen with any was a no-no!  And now as what I like to call, a ‘mid-adult’, it means a wholesome snack that while good, can use a little kick in the pants.  Is there a better kick in the pants than some Butterfinger candy?  No..I think not!

As long as I’m not yet at the age where granola means a daily fiber supplement..I’m adding some kick in the pants to it..and this is so delicious that I think it’s appeal would defy age all together!

This crunchy, sweet and toasty treat can be eaten as a quick sweet- tooth satisfying snack, you can even add some to your favorite baked goodies!  You’ll never see granola in the same way again..give it a try!







What you’ll need:

10 mini Butterfinger Candy Bars..chopped

1 lb Granola




On a sheet pan, spread out the granola, and mix in the chopped Butterfinger bars.

Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes, or until it’s golden and the smell in your house is amazing!    Let it cool completely, and then crack that giant slab of yumminess into millions of pieces and dig in!

Give it a try on top of some ice cream or yogurt, or simply eat it as an amazing cereal!   :)







But I think my favorite way to snack on it is straight out of a bag at a moments notice!  The perfect grab-n-go snack! ~Enjoy!!  :)


  1. A nice grown up treat – we are big granola bar snackers and love making homemade and having what we want in them.

  2. I’ve grown to love it also..the possibilities are endless! :)

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  4. Oh man, you make the most seductive, bad for me treats :) Looks wonderful and oh so tempting!

  5. I should make this all the time – I mean granola is healthy right? Let’s just tactfully ignore the fact that its loaded with delicious, sweet crunchy butterfingers :)

    • @Choc Chip Uru..Ahh, I love when I can get people on board with my calorie denial, I mean as long as there is at least ONE healthy item in sight, everything else is automatically healthy too! LOL! :)

      @Kiri..Seductive is a gerat word for food! I’d like to think that if my food had a rating, most of the time it wouldn’t be “G”..LMAO! :)

      @Vincent..I’ll check it out for sure, thank you! :)

  6. What a sinfully delicious version…thanks for sharing! I just recently made a basic granola recipe for the first time, and it turned out great. I’ll have to incorporate some candy next time to kick it up a bit!

    • So glad you like it! I think granola is my new favorite healthy snack..especially with candy in it! ;)

  7. This makes it totally okay to eat butterfingers for breakfast, and that makes me happy.

    • LOL Colleen, I agree! :)


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