~Cereal & Cream Apple Rings!

Who said that it’s difficult to get kids to eat their fruit?  Whoever it was never put these down in front of them.  I made piles of these and between 2 kiddos, they were gobbled up in record time!  So simple and easy, yet SO delicious!  You can add any kind of cereal and totally jazz up the cream cheese with cinnamon, honey or anything you can imagine!  Set up a station and let the kids make their own.  Apples will be their new favorite snack!  :)

And you can go absolutely crazy with combinations.  Try some other fun combos like..a Peanut Butter schmear with a sprinkling of banana chips, or maybe a Nutella Schmear with some caramel bits, or dried cherries?!  So much fun!  Make a sweet, crunchy plate full the next time you want a lite & healthy, super fun snack!  :)


What you’ll need:

Your favorite variety of apples

Whipped Cream Cheese (low fat is fine)

Any toppings that you can think of!  I used some Fruity Pebbles, Cocoa Puffs, Dried Cranberries and Cinnamon Toast Crunch (I sprinkled the cream cheese with a dash of cinnamon sugar before adding the cinnamon toast crunch)…yeah, we like cinnamon LOL!


Make lots!!


It will be interesting to see what crazy topping ideas the kiddos come up with!


Kid friendly directions:

Adults: Simply core the apples and slice them about 1/2″ thick





Then the kids can schmear and sprinkle away!  Have fun with these delicious and fun snacks!  ~Enjoy!  :)



  1. Oh man I wish my mom had thought of this when I was younger! I was a big fan of the apple/peanut butter combo but cereal on top! This def. falls into the category of best kid snack ever!

  2. These are a great idea – for kids and adults alike!


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