~Ghetto Creme Brulee!

Before moving on, I have to say that I never meant to offend anyone by using the term “Ghetto”, and if you were offended, I apologize!  It’s all in fun around here, much like Redneck Jokes, and other light hearted humor!  I have nothing against anyone from a Ghetto, or who may live in a Ghetto..or any people that like to visit Ghettos!  :) 


I’m just gonna cut to the chase on this one!  I had some friends over for dinner, and I didn’t plan on a long night of 3 Yahtzee games, 2 pots of Coffee and 6 raging sweet teeth, teeths…err, tooths?!  Anyway, I needed something sweet and I needed it fast!

But it totally couldn’t look like I was unprepared!  ;)

Just when I thought all hope was lost, I spotted some Marshmallow Fluff right next to my daughter’s Pudding Cups!  It was as if the Ghetto Angels shined their flashlights down on me and answered my prayers, because nothing says “I prepared dessert for you” quite like Pudding Cups..haha!

I just filled some bowls with the Pudding, topped them with the Fluff..and torched those babies good!  No one had a clue they were eating Pudding Cups.  They were creamy, they were gooey, they were toasty & Marshmallowy.  This dessert totally brought out my inner Ghetto and I was rapping everything I had to say for the rest of the night..LOL!  But everyone loved their two star Ghetto Creme Brulee, with plastic spoons of course!  I bet you wanna come over to my house..lol??  ;)

What you’ll need to dooz these:


4-8 Pudding Cups (depending on the size of your bowls)

Enough Marshmallow Fluff to cover the tops of the Pudding.

A kitchen torch.

No shame and/or no class!  ;)


Plop the Pudding into individual small glass bowls…

Top the Pudding with an even layer of Marshmallow Fluff..

Torch that Fluff like it’s crime scene evidence…

Get in touch with your inner Ghetto and just go with it! : )

Serve it up, cuz that’s how you dooz it..

Get some ‘Brulee’ all up in heee-ya..

And fill your grill..

If someone doesn’t like it…cut them!  ;)







  1. inner ghetto? extremely offensive. on many levels.

    • No offense intended! :)

    • And yet if it was Hillbilly Creme Brulee, would you be offended? Ghetto has been introduced to modern vocab used routinely thanks to rappers who also use the N-word, the B-word and words far more offensive. But that is acceptable? Words are either acceptable for ALL to use or NONE to use! Lighten up, no offense intended but if the recipe had been named Redneck Brulee, no posts of offense then, huh? I hear celebs say (and use myself) the term Ghetto-fabulous meaning awesome and urban. So get over it chica!! It is all BUENO hermana!! Oh,was that offensive? Even if I am latin or mixed heritage? Things like this are offensive to those looking for offense!!

      • A~~MEN! ;)

  2. this is fantastic! and for the record, I’m offended by anyone who’s offended ;)

    • HAHAHA!!!! Love it!

  3. What about a graham cracker at the bottom? S’mores Ghetto Creme Brulee!

    • YUM! :)


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