~O~M~G…I’ve been ‘Yummified’! I’m being featured on Yummly.com!

Whew!!  Thankfully this post requires typing on my part, because if I had to verbally express my happiness, it would be a series of inaudible squeals and giggles of excitement!  Anyway…PLEASE come check out what I’ve whipped up for Yummly and of course..for YOU!

I think you’ll enjoy it.  Here’s a little hint, it’s warm, it’s sweet, it’s sticky & it’s EASY!  :)

Scroll down..click, and check out Yummly.com to see what it is…

See what I made at Yummly.com


  1. OK, I can really take or leave pumkin pie…but these? With the crumbs and Bourbon in the caramel sauce? Sign me up.

    • I’m the same way as far as Pumpkin Pie goes, eh..never been my fave! :)


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