~Creme Brulee Cookies!

Give me a torch and I promise you, I can ‘Brulee’ any~thing!  In fact, don’t sit still for too long at my house, because I might just cover you in sugar and chase you with a torch..really!  ;)

You just can’t beat a sweet, warm tender Sugar Cookie filled with ‘Vanilla Cream’ and topped with a crispy, burnt Sugar Shell!  And those dark sugary Cookie edges are to die for!

~It’s Creme Brulee, in Cookie form..no spoon or bowl required!

Now you can pick up your Creme Brulee with one hand, and you’re free to go about your day!  ~That’s such a beautiful thing!  ;)

What you’ll need for approx 15-20 medium Creme Brulee Cookies:

1 Roll of Pillsbury Sugar Cookies

1/2 cup White Sugar

Vanilla Pudding (I used Pudding Cups, and I used 2 of them)

A kitchen torch


Bake the Cookies according to the directions.  Take them out and make a nice dent in them with the back of a spoon while they’re warm..

Fill that dent with some of the Vanilla Pudding…

Top it with a sprinkling of Sugar….

Now, fire up that torch~~Crisp up the Sugar just until it’s golden and candy-like…

Take a moment to stare at their beauty..and then crunch into the creamiest, BEST handheld Creme Brulee EVER!  ~Enjoy! :)


  1. I can’t wait to try these! I will be getting the ingredients soon! thanks for sharing them!

  2. Such a cute idea. I’ve bruleed the tops of cupcakes before. Now I gotta do it to cookies.

  3. These were great thanks! I didn’t add enough sugar at first but once I figured it, delish! Thanks

  4. They looks delicious I can almost taste them now!

  5. Can I do this somehow without a kitchen torch ??? Plz tell me there’s a way…

    • Hmm..some have said a lighter..lol. Honestly, the huge torch was $25.00 at Home Depot..and I use it all the time! :)

    • You can get a pen torch from almost any store (harbor freights has them for around 5 bucks) Just go in and ask for a butane pen torch and they will help you find it. You really need a torch because they reach a higher heat than a lighter or a match would. I stole my first torch from my husbands tool box… :)

      • YES Kelley!! Thank you..there’s nothing that can do what a torch can do, it changed my life in the kitchen…I love mine! :)

  6. Do they have to be refrigerated?

    • The pudding is shelf stable so I’d keep them covered at room temp for a day or two..then into the fridge if you have any left. :)

  7. You could try the broil setting in the oven but you would need to watch them really well as sugar catches fire really fast.

  8. Hi,

    These look amazing! I’m planning on making them a day in advance for a party, any tips on keeping them fresh? Should I keep them in the fridge and take them out a few hours before? Will the cookie become hard? Can I use a homemade sugar cookie recipe that uses shortening to keep them soft?

    Thank you

    • They should be fine for a few hours, but after that the crispy sugar will start to soften up. :)

      • so I’ll just prepare the cookies the day before and leave the pudding and torching for party day :) thank you!

        • Yep…sounds great! Enjoy! :)

  9. Do u think u could use kozy shack rice pudding instead of vanilla pudding?.

  10. Can u use kozy shack rice pudding?

    • It’s worth a try :)

  11. Loved the opening paragraph! Hilarious! :)

    I’ll have to try these. Thanks for sharing!



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