When it comes to creating totally tipsy treats, I’m an expert.  When it comes to actually drinking those totally tipsy drinks, I’m a failure..lol.  But I never let that stop me from creating what I think would be super fun and delicious ways to get my buzz on..if I uh, actually got my proper buzz on.  😉

So when it came time to whip up a fun version of a Bloody Mary, I thought I would take it up a level, kick it up a notch or 5 2, and make a male version of that classic drink, The Bloody GARY.  Now, before we move on, let me say..ladies can enjoy this drunkard’s dream come true too, it’s not just for men, it’s for anyone who enjoys a manly, meaty monstrosity disguised as a cocktail, so if that’s your thing..GO FOR IT.

That being said, serve this up to any man and you will score some major man-points.  Where else can you find a giant drink, with its glass rim literally dripping in BBQ sauce & steak seasoning, and then filled with many, many meat sticks, slabs of glazed bacon, splashes and dashes of TABANERO hot sauce,,,

..and a generous ‘splash’ of UV Sriracha Vodka?  Nowhere I tell you…until now.

Enjoy this Bloody Gary the next time Mary just isn’t man enough to take you where you want to go…lol.  Make a few of these manly-meaty babies and you’ll have those grateful guys (and possibly some girls) doing all your dirty dishes for you, so make lots..LOL!


What you’ll need:

3-6 strips of cooked bacon

3-6 sausage sticks, such as Slim Jim

UV Sriracha Vodka

Tabanero Hot Sauce

1 tbsp. BBQ sauce..your fave

1 tbsp. steak seasoning

V8 juice

a splash of worcestershire sauce

cilantro, hot peppers and lime for garnish


Dip the rim of your glass into the BBQ sauce…

Then dip it into the steak seasoning…

Brush some BBQ sauce onto your crispy bacon…

Mix the V8, Vodka, Hot Sauce, Worcestershire sauce together and pour into your large glass, and add all of that magical meat, cilantro and garnishes!  Now say CHEERS to Gary and drink up!  ~Enjoy!  🙂

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