Ahh..I just love the weekends!!

It’s the only 2 days of the week when everyone is able to really enjoy breakfast together (or alone), at a slower pace! 
And if it can’t happen on Saturday, BOOM…like magic, there’s a second chance on Sunday!  🙂
So why not make it extra special by jazzing up your waffles?  It’s so simple.

Use some of your favorite brand of waffle mix, follow your waffle box’s serving amounts for however many waffles you need to yield!
Replace half of the amount of the waffle mix with the red velvet cake mix..(so it’s 50/50, Red Velvet Mix & Waffle Mix!)
Then simply follow the directions on the waffle box as usual, adding whatever else your waffle mix calls for, like maybe an egg, oil or water for example!

While they’re warm, top them with cream cheese frosting, a sprinkle of cake (waffle) crumbs, a dusting of shaved chocolate..and a drizzle of syrup!  ~Happy weekend!

*HINT*  Serve with Milk, as part of a ‘healthy’ breakfast..Hahaha! 😉

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