Well, the Holidays are coming to a close, and just about every household in America will be left with at least one can of Pumpkin on the shelf!  Don’t let it collect dust..whip up some simple & amazing, soft and chewy cake-like turtles!  A perfect ending to your holiday dinner with a hot cup of coffee!
What a combo..and as an added bonus, the warm, sweet smells coming from the oven are intoxicating!! 
Plus it only uses one bowl, lucky for whoever does the dishes..I say, it should never be the cook! 🙂

Who knew that cake mix could make cookies that are actually better than cake?! 
You really have to make these in order to believe how yummy and easy they are!

Here’s how!

Yep..this is it!


What you’ll need:
?1 box of  yellow cake mix
One 15oz can of Pumpkin
Whole Pecans (not shown)
Caramel candies..one per cookie (not shown)
1 1/2 cups of quartered Turtle Chocolate Candies??
1 cup mini chocolate chips


Nothing like a delicious pile of Turtles!



?? ? Directions:
Cut the Turtles (about 12 of them)..into fourths.
Place the cake mix and the pumpkin into a large bowl, mix to combine. 
Stir in the chocolate chips and the quartered Turtles, mixing well!

With a medium cookie scoop, scoop the dough onto a prepared baking sheet, about 1″ apart.  Stud each dough ball with Pecans, put a caramel on top and bake at 350 degrees for approx. 15 minutes until cooked through. 

Let cool and dig in to a warm, soft, chewy, chocolaty, nutty, pumpkiny cookie!  🙂

*HINT* ?

You may want to share! 
This recipe makes approx. 3-5 dozen..depending on how big you make them!?

Just one bite!  😉


If you don’t want to share, I don’t blame you..they freeze well!   ~Enjoy!  :)?



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