It might be safe to say that I’m on a “Milky Bun” kick of some sort…  I  mean, I can’t be positive about that, since I really don’t know what they actually are, other than the little bit I’ve seen..but what I’ve seen so far has been SCRUMPTIOUS!

So I thought..hmm, why not create a sweet and salty version that will not only be scrumptious but also make your mouth go WOW!  And so I did!

One of my favorite sweet and salty combos is the pretzel and peanut butter marriage of magnificence!  I just can’t resist a nice warm, salty pretzel, dripping in gobs of melty peanut butter..OMG!

This version offers all of that greatness in a cool, refreshing um..Milky Bun sort of way!  Just take a look..and then go makeyasome!

What you’ll need:

Pretzel Buns (I used a mix and made my own, but if you can find them pre-made, definitely take the easier route!)

1 scoop of GOOD QUALITY Peanut Butter Ice Cream per bun


Bake up your biscuit Buns according to the box instructions, OR you can totally buy them pre-made.  I couldn’t find, yeah!

Let them cool a little (but keep them warm for the best experience) , split them and layer with the best Peanut Butter Ice Cream you can find!

Dive in head first and don’t look back!  ~Enjoy! 🙂


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