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January is a great time to start juicing, especially because fresh greens and citrus are doing into season. One of my very favorite ways to juice is with fresh, organic veggies and just a few added fruits that pack a huge flavor punch, with minimal sugar.

Thanks to Whole Foods Market, getting top quality, deliciously ripe and organic veggies are not only affordable, but beautiful as well. ¬†Quality control is a produce priority at Whole Foods so you’ll never have to worry about gambling on freshness when you cut into your produce. ¬†And the end result is nothing short of delicious.

Choosing colorful produce ensures a pretty plate full of minimally processed food; plus consuming a variety of colors ensures variety in your nutrient mix.

Quality Standards Across the Store
Your trust and our integrity means we don’t sell just anything. Our strict standards take into account such things as artificial food preservatives, sustainable seafood, animal welfare, antibiotics in meat and pesticides in vegetables.

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