Once in a while something comes along that changes the snack game.  Not an easy thing to do in this delicious, snack-filled time that we live in, but it does happen.  Something new, something tasty, convenient, and unique.  THIS is one of those times!  That’s right, I had the opportunity to try out Tasty Middles and all I can say is WOW!


Cole’s Quality Foods is introducing Middles, a stuffed bread that combines savory, salty and sweet flavors into a new snack concept. The product will be available later this month in the freezer sections of grocery, club, supermarket and convenience stores throughout the USA at a suggested retail price of $3.99 per 10.8-ounce box containing eight bread bites.

Inspired by the popular combination of bread and cheese, Middles advances the concept by featuring the soft “middle” section of traditional bakery staples including bagel, Italian and pretzel breads. They are then stuffed with savory and sweet fillings, including cheddar cheese, cream cheese and beer cheese varieties. The result is a heat-and-serve stuffed bread snack that can be made ready to serve in either microwave or conventional ovens in seven to nine minutes.


Be sure to give them a try, and share the Tasty Middle LOVE across social media!


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