Since 1987, the team at Cafe Valley has produced muffins, bundt cakes, ring cakes, loaf cakes, danishes, turnovers, croissants, and our signature Cafe Bites for our customers throughout the United States and across the world. Demand for our products have grown to the extent that our state-of-the-art, Phoenix, AZ production facility built in 2011 was joined by our Marion, IN production facility in 2014. Through innovative bakery techniques and unique recipes, we continue to delight one bite at a time.



To enhance our customer’s business by combining the freshest ingredients with the passion of our dedicated and blessed team to make and deliver the finest, most delicious, high quality baked goods for our customers and their consumers. We will accomplish our mission by rewarding and recognizing our people for owning the responsibility for great performance.


  • Our intention is to be a God-centered company looking to The One described in the scriptures as vested with all authority. (Where our values come from).
  • We will conduct ourselves with dignity, adhering to the highest ethical and moral standards.
  • We will continuously work towards clear, straightforward and sustainable solutions.
  • We desire to be known as honorable, reliable, and trustworthy.
  • We want a lean, action-oriented business avoiding redundancy and bureaucracy.
  • Profits are important and necessary, but never at the expense of sound, long term business judgement.


Café Valley’s newest addition to our family of high quality products.   Our Cream Cheese Coffee Cake bites are a multiple deposit item layered with batter, a variety of fillings, cream cheese, cinnamon and streusel delivering an incredible tasting product.  We use the highest quality ingredients  including Madagascar Vanilla, whole eggs, butter, natural fillings, and white streusel with a hint of sea salt.  The multiple layers of cream cheese and other fillings offer a delicious, moist and sweet crunch in every bite!

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