When it comes to the holidays and entertaining for those holidays, it seems that no matter how long we think we have.. it always sneaks up on us in one way or another.  There’s no such thing as being too prepared for any event.  So, it’s amazing to have a little help along the way, something we can rely on to inspire us to execute an amazing and unforgettable time for all of our family, friends, and guests.  

And that’s where InStyle comes in! InStlye’s time tested contributions to all things ‘style’ has never failed, and that same expertise is now being offered in the form of.. FOOD!  Well. food, drink.. and all things PARTY!  Yep, it’s true! InStyle has a book.. a “PARTIES” book to save the season.. as well as any event you might be hosting all year long.  This book is filled with expert ideas for hosting 15 unique celebrations, from dinners, to game-day gatherings, and holiday festivities, to boozy brunches.. and everything in between!

Check it OUT HERE .. you will LOVE it!

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