Ohhh~  where ever do I begin?  I had a knock on my door, and after I waited the standard 5 minutes to ensure they were gone, I opened it up and found… this >  Giusto Sapore PANETTONE!  Can you even imagine something so amazing at your door?  I couldn’t either, but I grabbed it so fast I almost don’t even remember bringing it into the kitchen.. 🙂 

I already knew how incredible this delectable delight is from uh.. living and stuff, but until now.. I’d never actually tried it.  And let me just say.. LIFE CHANGER!  It’s true!  Everything I thought I knew about delicious treats was wrong.  Every time I thought I was loving a tasty cake or slice of bread.. yep~ WRONG!  THIS, this Panettone is the holy grail of all things amazing!  

Giusto Sapore’s Italian Traditional Panettone is a dome-shaped Italian sweet bread studded with candied fruits, traditionally served as special treats for Christmas and Easter holidays. Giusto Sapore’s authentic Italian imported Panettone is made with butter and generous portions of raisins and candied orange peel. This light and airy two-pound round loaf. Considered a naturally leavened baked cake, Panettone is hung upside down while cooling to preserve its domed shape and light texture. It is enjoyed at breakfast or as a dessert – served plain or toasted with butter and powdered sugar. Ingredients: Wheat, flour, sugar, water, raisins, candied orange peel (orange peel, glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, acidity regulator: citric acid), vegetable margarine [refined vegetable oils and fats (palm, sunflower), water, flavors], emulsifier: mono and diglycerides of edible fatty acids, sourdough (wheat flour, water), egg yolk, glucose-fructose syrup, butter, salt, natural flavors. Allergens: Contains gluten from wheat, milk, egg. It may contain traces of tree nuts )almond, cashew, pine nuts, walnuts, pistachio). peanuts, soy.

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