Oh my.. I was honored to receive a generous assortment of this deliciously healthy Beetology beet juice, and let me tell you.. it is AMAZING!  Not only are the flavors super fresh, but each variety is filled with the finest organically grown fruits.



What’s better than berries? Berries and Beets of course. This fabulous twist on a basic berry juice layers in the berrilious flavors of Strawberries, Raspberries and Bilberries. Yes Bilberries…like blueberries but even juicer.Delicious, Organic, Cold-Pressed Beet Juice 

Beetology: The art of creating healthy and delicious beverages from one of nature’s most nutrient
dense vegetables and the finest organically grown fruits.


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beet + veggieBeetology beet + veggie artfully layers the mildly sweet flavor of natural beets with the delightful sweetness of green apples. For a powerful veggie punch we’ve layered in fresh carrot juice, Kale and Celery. Drinking your veggies has never tasted so good!

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beet + tropical fruitTake a break to the tropics with this exotic blend of fresh beets, sweet pineapple and coconut juice , sun ripened mangos finished with just a touch of lime. Simple, sweet, satisfying

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beet + cherryYou will not be able to resist this deliciously balanced blend of ripe tart cherries, bold beets and naturally sweet apples. A flavor like no other this beet blend is sure to make your hear skip a beet!

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beet + lemon + gingerBeetology beet + lemon + ginger artfully layers the mildly sweet flavor of natural beets with the delicate sweetness of ripe apples and the bright refreshing flavors of Lemons and Ginger. Refreshing any time of day.

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