Who We Are

Highlights for Children is a family media brand that has been nurturing children with excellent, wholesome, and innovative products for over 70 years.

Our wide variety of “Fun with a Purpose™” magazines and books are dedicated to helping them become their best selves—creative, curious, caring, and confident.


Highlights Products

From a magazines publisher to trade-book and textbook publishers,Highlights family of companies makes a significant contribution to the education of children. Find the perfect product for kids of all ages.

Kids will spend hours, laughing, learning and making memories that last a lifetime, while helping them become their best selves!

Big Fun Preschool Workbook

The Big Fun Kindergarten Activity Book

The Big Fun First Grade Activity Book


Activity Books

Highlights believes that thinking, reasoning, and creating is fun—the kind of fun that offers lasting satisfaction for children. Our puzzle and activity books embody our motto—“Fun with a Purpose™”—to deliver top-quality puzzles that are engaging, vibrant, and challenging.



Because “children are the world’s most important people™,” we exist to serve children, their families, and others involved in their development. We believe that children around the world are more alike than different, and they all deserve high-quality products designed to nourish their minds and hearts.

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