Oh My GOSH!  When your doorbell rings, do you panic..? is it a chatty neighbor?  Is it someone trying to sell you something?  Well.. those are the reasons I usually never answer my door..lol, BUT this time was different, this time.. it was cupcakes at the door, and did I ever welcome them inside my house.. and my soul!!  🙂

Not only are these the cutest cupcakes ever, but they’re the most delicious cupcakes EVER too, and talk about fun!  Just look at these adorable babies! Beautifully packaged in whimsical and convenient jars.. perfect for a hostess gift, of party favors!  Check them out!


About Yummy Cupcakes®

The Yummy Cupcakes Story

Yummy Cupcakes® is authentic…the real deal…baking scrumptious gourmet cupcakes and cupcake treats in house from scratch with our own Chef-created proprietary recipes, since March 2004! Read our story!

Chef Tiffini

As the #1 fan of our gourmet cupcakes, I am proud to serve our delicious cupcake treats in a fun and exciting variety of artisanal flavors! I hope you love them as much as I do! Read Chef Tiffini’s bio…

Baking Classes

Cupcake baking classes are now being offered at our Burbank Bakeshop! Adults and kids classes are available. Get the scoop! 



With all the delicious flavors and treats our out-of-the-box thinker Executive Chef Tiffini has created,
Yummy Cupcakes has no choice but to rotate flavors every month!!

So please take a look at our DAILY CALENDAR to see what flavors are being served each day
and our FULL MENUS for a listing of all the options you have to choose from
when you place a custom order.


As a huge fan of our cupcakes and cupcake specialty treats, I am excited to offer you lots of artisanal flavors and delicious choices!

I hope you love them as much as I do,
Founder & Executive Chef Tiffini



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