Ohh yeahhh.. I’m on a ‘fry kick’ {again}, can you tell? Is it obvious?  Eh.. who cares, I like all things fry, and fry shaped..so what!

We don’t ALWAYS need the good old potato to enjoy some fries, nope~sometimes we want unique, we want fun..we want sweet!  And that’s why we’re all here. 🙂

I give to you the crispiest, crunchiest, peanut ‘butteriest’ fry you’ll EVER have.  These babies are to. die. for.

Warm peanut butter fills each light-as-air, crispy, flaky, layer of these succulent sticks of joy.  I’m not kidding, if you like peanut butter, if you like toasty, roasty, and ‘crispity-crunchity’..these are for YOU!

Make LOTS.. and just when you think you’ve made enough, yep ~ make more!  ..trust me.  🙂

What you’ll need:

large egg roll/wonton wrappers ..  one per fry

peanut butter.. 1 tbsp. per fry

powdered sugar for sprinkling… optional

jelly for dipping

oil for frying ~ either veg or canola


spread the peanut butter evenly onto the wrapper…

roll it up nice and tight…

Place them into the freezer for at least 1 hour, this gives the dough time to crisp up in the oil without losing any melty peanut butter…

Now, get them all lined up and ready for their tanning session in the hot (350 degree) oil…

Fry them one at time, just until they’re golden.. this happens fast..

top them with some powdered sugar for flavor and for pretty.

Serving them in cups with some jelly at the bottom is super fun, and tasty too…

And serve them up nice and warm, with JELLY!  ~Enjoy!  🙂








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