A Little Bit About Me:

I get asked a lot about where the name “Oh, Bite It” came from.   I chose that name because it’s what I say to anyone who refuses to taste one of my recipes..lol!  It seems as though I’m always chasing someone with a fork and telling them to open up!  All of my recipes are more like methods, that you can easily adapt to make your own, or not!


As far as I know, they are all my original creations, however some are just tweaked versions of classic recipes that we all know! Most of the time, my “scientific” way of measuring ingredients consists of “eye balling” and “tasting”, so if something is too vague, feel free to ask questions!!



Experimenting and being creative in the kitchen is a blast because I’m never afraid of a recipe fail…I mean, 99% of the time there’s always someone…somewhere, who will eat it, true story!  If there’s a recipe shortcut, I’m never above taking it! I also believe that ingredients don’t have to be expensive, if your imagination is priceless!


*SUGAR DISCLAIMER*..I know that I create outrageous, sugar filled, ooey gooey treats!  This is where I get it all out of my system..I usually don’t eat this way..LOL!  If you’re easily offended by looking at crazy calorie filled creations, this may not be the place for you. 

But let’s be honest, if I posted a carrot..you wouldn’t be reading this right now!  Just enjoy and have fun, life’s too short to never stop and smell the sugar & bacon! 



And remember~  A sink full of dirty dishes is a blessing …Finding someone to do them for you..is a miracle!

Questions/Comments or if you just want to exchange recipes or foodie chat..email me 

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