~Jelly Doughnut Brownies!

Actually let’s call these Jelly ‘Don’t Nut’ Brownies!

I’m sure there is a more successful way of doing this, but I didn’t care enough to work it out..lol!  As it stands, there was clearly a Jelly Doughnut/Brownie fight…and I can’t tell who won!  🙂


~Jalapeno Popper Biscuit Boobs!

Maybe it’s just me who sees it, but either way, I didn’t take any chances by including this shot in the blog post, just in case..LOL!

..they are spectacular though, aren’t they?!  😉

~Delicious Caramel Dipped Wrapper!

Mmm..Nothing like forgetting to remove ALL of the Caramel wrappers before melting them! ..extra fiber is a good thing..right?! 🙂

~My spice cabinet became a crime scene…RIP Chile Powder!

~Monkey-looking Cinnamon Rolls!

Sometimes the food isn’t the problem..I am!  This was a BIG, flat deflated fail, yep..FLAT~ and you can see why!  I’m not sure if I was out of my mind this day, or just in one of “those” moods, but whatever it was..didn’t cut it!

The “Cinnamon Roll Monkey Bread” do-over was a success and will be published on the blog! 🙂

~Saltine Scotchies..a.k.a “Dog Barfies”

To be honest these tasted pretty good, unfortunately, they needed to be enjoyed in very dim light, so as to not look like your dog barfed on the serving platter!

If you’d like to gross out your friends and family, in kind of a yummy way, just melt together 1 cup of Brown Sugar with 1/2 cup of Butter and pour it over a layer of Saltine Crackers that have been spread out on a sheet pan, top it with Butterscotch Chips, Toffee Bits, and anything else you’d like.  Bake it in the oven at 350 for about 15 minutes…close your eyes and dig in! 😉

 ~Cinnamon Roll Cup..runneth over!

The tricky thing about food photography is capturing that prized drizzle, drip, ooey and gooey!!  You only have a few seconds to line up the shot, check the lighting, get the dogs to stop jumping on your leg and to make sure all of your hair is out of the way and not on any food..lol!

As you can see, I took just a little too long to check that list!

 ~”Fun on the Grill”..for who??!

In my never-ending effort to create new and fun ways to enjoy Cinnmaon Rolls, I had this ‘great’ idea of sticking them onto a 490+ degree grill!  Not only did their burnt char stick to the Grill and create an epic mess, they tasted like Chicken!  LOL!

You know it’s bad when even the Frosting doesn’t help!  🙂

 ~Not so Angel Food Cake!

For some reason my Angel Food Cake NEVER rises, bakes or does anything!  YES, I’ve tried all the things you’re going to tell me to do…lol.

There’s just never anything Angelic about it and it always goes straight to Heaven via the trash!  Devil’s Food Cake..now that I can do..hehe!  🙂

~Mozzarella Doorstop Sandwich!

If you ever want to make a sandwich that’s “just like a giant Fried Mozzarella Stick”..don’t do this!  Not only is it physically impossible for a human mouth to stretch this much, there’s not enough Pepto in the world to help it digest!  It does hold open very large, heavy doors though! 🙂


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