~Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate!

Winter is officially here!!  Kids home from school, heating bill is up, and the dog won’t go outside!
What better way to relax and warm up than to enjoy a drink that doubles as a dessert?! 
And no worries, all of those driplets down the side of the mug are on the inside, making it safe for kids (and men) to enjoy without standing over the sink! :)

This method is kind of self explanatory..simply make a pot of hot cocoa, top it with whipped cream, mini marshmallows, chocolate & caramel sauces..and a sprinkling of salt (Kosher or Sea Salt)
Garnish with a cute salted caramel on the rim of your adorable mug!  ~Mmm enjoy!

*HINT*  Kids home again tomorrow? ..Simply add a splash of Kahlua to yours..ahhh, better already! :)


  1. That hot chocolate is unbelievable! It's all a dish all by itself! Who needs cookies if you got this?! ;-)

  2. Thank you!! And you're right..no cookies necessary! LOL!


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