~Graham Cracker Waffles..drizzled with S’More Sauce!

HAPPY SATURDAY…we made it!  :)

If you’re freaking out over the insanity of this calorie packed culinary creation, don’t be silly!  This isn’t a fattening dessert, these are NOT S’mores..NOPE!  This is breakfast darn it!  Everyone knows that Waffles are a breakfast food, part of a “well balanced diet”.. so no guilt here, just plenty of denial!  Save the guilt for real S’mores which are served late, you know, after dinner..LOL!

These are probably the best tasting Waffles I’ve ever had..and dare I say, they don’t even need the S’more Sauce, they’re THAT good.  I mean, I’m not going to say that the S’more Sauce isn’t crack-a-licious, and couldn’t easily be bottled and totally eaten with a spoon.  I’m just saying that if for some reason you are crazy  like plain Waffles..these would be the plain waffles to make!  The Graham Crackers make them so nutty and rich tasting!  As a bonus the smell that they create as they’re yummifying in the waffle iron should be captured and made into a candle..major $$!  But definitely make sure you’re sitting down as you drizzle them with the thick, rich S’More Sauce..there’s absolutely nothing like it, I’m all out of words!  Just do it…go……go!  ;)



What you’ll need for 4 waffles:

1 cup Waffle Mix

1 cup Crushed Graham Cracker Crumbs

1 cup water

1 cup Marshmallow Fluff

1/2 cup Hot Fudge Sauce



In a medium bowl combine the waffle mix, graham cracker crumbs & water until smooth



Prepare them in the waffle iron as usual! This is when you will smell one of the BEST smells ever to come out of your kitchen!  :)






The Crack S’More Sauce:

In a separate bowl, add the Fluff and the Hot Fudge Sauce together, microwave for about 12-15 seconds, just until warm



Slightly swirl them together making sure not to over mix it..all the swirls are SO pretty and S’More-like!  Couldn’t you just dive in??! :)


Top the warm, nutty Graham Cracker Waffles with a generous amount of S’More Sauce..and feel no guilt!  Remember..this IS ‘Breakfast’, just add a glass of Orange Juice to keep it “well balanced”..lol!  ~Enjoy!  :)



  1. That sauce is just blowing my mind..Way to sweet for me LOL Now the idea of adding Graham cracker crumbs to waffles has me very curious and something I am looking forward to trying

    • YES..it is as sweet as sweet gets..haha! But do try the Graham Cracker Crumbs in the waffles..that is a real treat! :)

  2. Well, noe my breakfast seemed much too inadequate.

    • Hahaha..thank you! :)

  3. I add 1/2 – 1 cup of granola to pancake mix sometimes, would work with waffles as well, I just don’t have a waffle iron…

  4. I am thinking that these waffles would make AWESOME S,Mores! Just imagine, layer 1/4 waffle, chocolate bar pieces or Nutella, mini marshmallows, and top it with another 1/4 waffle. Wrap the whole thing in foil and toss onto the coals to heat through. Unwrap and enjoy!


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