~Pepsi Brownies!

I’m so excited to share these super succulent, incredibly moist, out of this world Pepsi Brownies!  Who would’ve ever thought that the simple addition of Soda could transform regular Brownies into something SO epic?!

It may sound a little strange, but these brownies are super special.  I know that this is the age of the brownie, brownies are everywhere, in EVERY variety imaginable!  And it’s an awesome thing..but, trust me when I say, out of all the outrageous brownies that I’ve ever created, tasted and heard about..these are one of, if not the very BEST!  SO moist and flavorful, with just a hint of that signature Pepsi flavor in the background, taking each bite to uncharted, brownie flavor territory!


What you’ll need:


1-18oz box of Brownie Mix

1 lg. egg

3/4 can of Pepsi

White Frosting

Some Chocolate curls for garnish



In a medium bowl add the Brownie mix, egg, and Pepsi..mix well!

Bake at 350 until cooked through

Let them cool

Frost them and sprinkle the tops with some pretty chocolate curls!

Grab a fork, unless you don’t mind sticky fingers..and sink into the most succulent, ooey-gooey, yet fluffy brownies ever!  ~Enjoy! :)





  1. Ok…I shared and I liked. (which I’m not sure why I haven’t “liked” your page before now!)

  2. Those brownies are too stinkin’ cute with the little straw and the frosting and the chocolate shavings and the little sprig of mint!

  3. Gosh that brownie looks great. I will have to try it soon. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. I can see where the flavors of brownie and Pepsi could work very well together. Cool recipe. I love the straws :)

  5. Looks so yummy! Pinned it and hope to try it soon!!!

  6. I Like your page on Face Book. Like this giveaway.

  7. like and shared on fb Julie A Scott Laws

  8. was already a fan and just shared with my FBF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. i love pepsi

  10. It looks delicious i wouldnt say no to eat them

  11. What size pan is used? Also, our batter was pretty runny as opposed to the usual brownie consistency, is this the norm?


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