~Glazed Doughnut Pancakes!

Yep..you read it right~Glazed Doughnut Pancakes!!  Just saying it makes your heart beat faster, doesn’t it?!  :)

Any shred of guilt you may have ever had in the past from eating a warm Glazed Doughnut for breakfast, can now be a distant memory!  Why?  Because now the doughnut IS breakfast!  We all know that Pancakes are a great start to the day and when combined with a glass of OJ next to the plate, they become a well-balanced, healthy breakfast..lol!  ;)

It was only a matter of time until these two fabulous fluffy cakes became one!  And that time is now!  You will go from zero to hero in a matter of minutes, when you present these to your family!  The gleam of amazement in the eyes of your husband kids will warm your heart!

These warm, cakey, gooey, Glazed ‘Doughcakes’..err, umm..’Pannuts’ will amaze and delight even the pickiest of eaters!  Your fork literally sinks through the light/fluffy, yet cakey donughnutty pancake..and then proceeds to get drippingly drenched in the sweetest glaze EVER!  Each bite takes you to the most delicious doughnutty-pancakey place you’ve ever been, and all before noon!  :)

Doughnuts on your fork!  Getchyasome!  :)

What you’ll need:

1 Cup Pancake Mix

1 Cup White Cake Mix (I used Betty Crocker, it has the most ‘doughnutty’ taste)

1 1/2 Cup Milk

A Piping bag with a large tip

The Glaze:

1 Cup Powdered Sugar

A few drizzles of Milk..until it’s thick and creamy!


In a medium bowl, mix up the Pancake Mix & the Cake Mix with the milk…set aside

Fill a piping bag with the Dough-cake/Pan-Nut batter

Slowly pipe circles onto a skillet, leaving a circle in the center, they puff up so make sure your circle leaves room for that, so it won’t close up on you!…

Grill them up until they’re golden on both sides…

Prepare the glaze simply by stirring in some milk into the powdered sugar..until it’s thick!  Adjust the ratios as necessary!

Now for the BEST part!

~Stack..~Drizzle..~Prepare to amaze all who enter the room!

Take a moment to stare and take it all in..lol!

Then sink your fork down deep into the BEST pancake/doughnuts E.V.E.R!

Finally..take a giant sticky bite of your Glazed Doughnut Pancake Breakfast!  ~Enjoy!  :)


  1. Good. Ness. This is like sin in a stack of “pannuts”! ;)

  2. You are a certified genius!!!!!

    • LOL Kayle! I don’t either..and thank you! :)

      • Hi, Maybe you could use a metal round (or any shape) cookie cutter in the middle, to keep it from closing up.

  3. This is definitely on the menu for our annual “Kegs & Eggs” breakfast before the big Ohio State vs. Michigan game. It is an all day event –starting at my brother’s house for breakfast(in reality less kegs and more eggs ..as we are all getting older lol) Thanks for the recipe!!!

  4. I had to come up with a unigue brunch idea for Thanksgiving and when I saw your recipe I knew this was perfect. Who isn’t “thankful” for donuts??? They are fantastic. To make a spin on them I also made a strawberry syrup by thinning down strwberry jam so we had glazed and fruit donut pancakes. Loved them.

    • YUM! Great idea!! :)

  5. omg!!!!! cant wait to try them==gg

  6. Today is Fat Tuesday, and this is what we are having for dinner…Just wish you told me how many your recipe serves! Guess I gotta make a double batch..oh well…LOL

    • It yields the same amount as your typical Pancake recipe on the box! ~Enjoy! :)

  7. I’m in the process of eating my Glazed Donut Pancakes as I type this. They are delicious! My 23mth old loves them too. He’s not big into regular pancakes but I’ve found he likes them when I change them up a bit. I also make him Brownie Batter Pancakes and he loves those too.

  8. I can not wait to make these Easter Morning. Might become a Holiday Tradition Breakfast Staple in Our Home. Happy Easter to All.

    • Happy Easter to you too..please let me know how you like them! :)

  9. Is the water ratio to the cake mix and pancake mix correct? They were way to running for me to make donuts out of.

    • That ratio worked for me, however it’s fine if you need to adjust it to get it where you like it. Simply add more mix and/or more water..etc. :)

      • I don’t see any “water”, just milk. Are you suppose to add water?

  10. your instructions say…… Directions:

    In a medium bowl, mix up the Pancake Mix & the Cake Mix with the milk…set aside

    However when I look at the “what you need” all it calls for is 1 cup white cake mix — where does the pancake mix come in and how much?

    • It also says 1 cup of pancake mix. :)

  11. These look great but I make everything from scratch.

  12. Does this recipe need the other ingredients (eggs, etc) that the pancakes & cake call for?

    • As you see in her picture if ingredients, she is using Aunt Melina COMPLETE pancake mix, which only requires water.



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