~Reese’s Ravioli!

Oh Mommy!  What have I done?…please forgive me, I know not what I do!  Typically I’m pretty good at being accountable for my actions, taking personal responsibility..blah, blah, blah!!  However all bets are off when it involves Reese’s!  You don’t even know what happens to me when Reese’s are within my lip’s reach, all I can say is I’m a little ashamed of myself!

That being said, having the notion to umm..FRY a Reese’s moves me far from ashamed and deep into the realms of insanity..HAHA!

Oh well..if this is wrong, I don’t wanna be right!  Where do I even  begin to describe this over the top decadent, yet simple sweet treat?  It’s everything you can imagine and more.

A light, crispitty-crunchitty shell that envelopes a warm..yes warm, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup!  Just saying “Warm” Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup is almost enough, but nothing comes close to having one between your lips and feeling that crunch followed by ooey-gooey melty Reese’s taking over every square inch of your mouth!

Whew..I need a moment!  ;)  Go make a quick batch and you’ll understand!

What you’ll need to question your own sanity:

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups..one Cup per TWO Ravioli!

Won Ton Wrappers

An egg for egg-wash!

Oil for frying

Powdered Sugar..optional

A decorative edging tool..optional!


In a medium pot, heat up about 3″ of oil

If you want pretty Ravioli, trim the edge of the Won Ton Wrappers with a decorative edge tool, craft scissors work well also..

Cut each Reese’s Cup evenly in half and place one half cut side down in the Won Ton Wrapper.

Brush the edges with some egg-wash and seal it up on a diagonal..

Fry them in batches of 2-3 until both sides are golden and crispy…

Drain them and let them cool for a few minutes, control yourself..

Sprinkle them with some Powdered Sugar..

Serve those crazy scrumptious babies up…

Dig in and taste the insanity!  ~Enjoy!  :)


    • You could try a baked version Erin, if you want to make them..umm, what’s that word you all speak of?…Oh yeah, ‘Healthier’ HAHA! ;)

    • Just stumbled over here today and going crazy thinking of all the goodness I’ve been missing out on :). I was wondering about a baked version myself. I bake regular won tons all the time. I spray them with cooking spray first to help brown and crispy them up a bit. I’m thinking it’s worth a try :). Might have to do a taste test on the family and half and half a batch to see what’s what. Thanks for all the yummy goodness to try out!

      • Hi there Heather! I’m SO happy that you stumbled and found me! :)
        Yep..give that a try, what’s the worst that can happen, you just get to eat the fails..lol!
        But I bet that would work just fine! Please let me know what you think, and how they turn out! :)

  1. just signed up to follow you via email today…and I am not disappointed! I’ve got leftover wonton wrappers in the fridge from an appetizer I made last weekend, and I always need an excuse to buy Reese’s :) I think I’ll try these with a bag of minis!

    • YAY..hope you LOVE them! :)

  2. My daughter’s insisted I make these for their Halloween party on the 27th, also my birthday…
    I can so see this, DEFINITELY!!!! Thank you!!

    • Aww, That’s great!! Let me know how you like them!! :)

  3. I have mini Reese cups – sure it will work just fine

  4. O M G! I WILL figure out how to make these gluten free! They look delish!!

  5. Mom was making these back in the 70′s also using cut up Mounds bars ,they are good too.

  6. We used the similar idea when we were camping, and made pudgy pies with reese’s peanut butter cups…we also used Hershey’s bars, and marshmallows to make a sm’ores one…SOOO good!!


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