So, last week, by the grace of God I discovered these incredible Bunuelos a.k.a. “Mexican Fritters”.  The second I saw them, I just knew I had to rush home and make them..like literally, I rushed home to make them!  LOL!

First of all, I’ve lived here in NM all of my adult life, and thought I’d seen it all when it comes to authentic Mexican Cuisine.  But..apparently not!  I have no idea how after all these years, these delicious beauties have never crossed my path, but I totally plan on making up for lost time now!

Let’s just take a moment and say ‘Bunuelos’..how adorable of a word is that?!!  It’s the perfect name for these giant, fun & simple snacks!  Bunuelos are like Tortilla Elephant Ears!  Flour Tortillas fried until they’re puffed and crispy, then coated with layers of Cinnamon & Sugar!  That’s it!!  They’re So easy and simple to make and provide such a huge WOW factor at your table!

Bunuelos can be covered and stored for days and days!  They’re totally gorgeous and so much fun to eat with every meal.  They make a sweet, light Breakfast with a cup of Coffee, they’re also perfect with lunch or even as a snack with some Mexican Hot Chocolate on a crisp Fall day!

However you choose to eat them, once you do..they will become your go-to indulgence forever!  :)

What you’ll need for a delicious stack of 8 Bunuelos:

8 Flour Tortillas

3 Cups of Cinnamon/Sugar (1 part Cinnamon to 3 parts Sugar)

Honey for drizzling..optional!

Cinnamon Sticks for garnish..optional!

Oil for frying

A large Fry Pan


In a large, shallow plate with a lip, add the Cinnamon Sugar mixture.

Heat up about 1.5″ of Oil in the fry pan and gently lay one tortilla at a time into the hot oil.  Shallow fry both sides of each Tortilla, until they’re puffed, golden & crisp…

Take the fried Tortillas out of the Oil and place them directly into the Cinnamon Sugar, making sure to coat both sides VERY well…

Stack them up because that’s the authentic way of serving them, grab a plate and get busy…

Give it a sweet drizzle of Honey…

Now, crunch into your sweet & crispy Bunuelo!  ~Enjoy!  :)


  1. OK…ROFL here. I still can’t imagine how you managed to spend all of that time in NM and not have had these before. Even in Detroit they make them… obviously because of the immediate proximity to the border…..to Canada! LMAO.
    Enjoy them, your pics of that stack is amazing…now I want some. A friend’s Mom years ago(she was Mexican) used to make them all the time but called them Sopapillas ( the tortillas were cut into wedges like for chips, then fried, sugared and honeyed…and she made her own tortillas..yes we were spoiled) It didn’t matter how full we were, there was always room for these. I can’t wait to see what elase you discover out there. :) Great post, great pics…great treat!

    • HAHAHA..I know Greg! It’s really crazy, I even worked in a Mexican Resaurant for years..LMAO! It’s crazy-ness!

  2. Hey I live way down south of the border…like Australia…and we call them sopapillas too. Great with icecream!

  3. In Spain are very different from this. Buñuelos (yeah, with Ñ) are small balls of flour dough, usally filled with some sweet cream. Nothing to do with flour tortillas :)

  4. this is the “lazy” way of making these bunuelos which are usually make in celebrating the new year. It’s a Mexican tradition in which a dough is made then formed into small balls, rolled out then fried in hot oil. They are immediately spread with cinnamon and sugar. Honey isn’t used in the “real” Mexican tradition. Sopapillas are a totally different pastry.

    • I love lazy…feel free to not use any honey! :)

  5. Goes great with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream!!!

  6. Have made these for years here in Ohio..we like to spread with a little butter then sugar /cinnamon & honey…yum!

  7. Bunuelos are not sopapillas. That is a totally different dessert. Bunuelos are authentically made from homemade tortilla dough. There is no other way to get that “melt in your mouth” texture. Sopapillas are doughy. Bun elbows are supposed to break apart early and just melt in your mouth.

  8. Lol……sorry….correction to that last post. It’s supposed to read “bunuelos” not bun elbows.

    • Haha…love autocorrect :)


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