~Monte Cristo Poppers!

We were given 2 hands for a reason.  Actually many reasons, like carrying twins, clapping when men do the dishes, ori or get both socks into the hamper..well, nevermind the last one, since that never happens…lol!

Anyhoo, all sports fans will agree that game watching is packed with intense high-fiving, tight remote gripping, beer/soda guzzling and LOTS of food eating!  But you can only do those things if you have at least one hand free, so that means no 2-handed, double fisted sandwich wrestling during the game!

Feast your eyes on the crispiest, tastiest, meatiest, cheesiest, heartiest, one handed food wonder I’ve ever created.  A pop-in-your-mouth Monte Cristo Sandwich!! That’s right!

It only takes one hand and one second to indulge in only The! Best! Sandwich! since the invention of sandwiches.  All without the hassle of a ten finger sandwich hoist and sticky volume buttons on the remote..lol!

These snacks will make you the VIP at your house for sure!  :)

What you’ll need for 32 magnificent mini Monte’s:

1 package of Pillsbury Grands Flaky Layers Biscuits (8ct.)

1 lb of sliced cooked Ham

1lb of sliced cooked Turkey

1 lb if sliced Swiss Cheese

1 lb of sliced Cheddar Cheese

**The amounts of sliced meats & cheeses are approximate, structure the amounts to fit your tastes! :)  

Powdered Sugar

Raspberry Preserves (if you’re going “classic”..YUM!)

Oil for frying..I used Canola


Stack up all the meats and cheeses (one slice of each) and tightly roll up each stack.  Slice the roll into approx. 1/2″ slices.

Roll out each Biscuit to flatten it, and cut each one into fourths.  Fill each piece of dough with a slice of the Meat & Cheese roll.  Gently enclose it inside the dough, sealing each ball tight…

Heat up (350 degrees) about 2″ of oil in a medium, heavy-bottomed pot.  Fry them up in batches of 3-4 and drain them on some paper towel…

While they’re warm, sprinkle them with Powdered Sugar…

Tell them how pretty they are, before you attack them, it’s only right…lol!

Serve them to your hungry team with lots of sticky Raspberry Jam for dipping…

Hope they use some plates…

Make sure and grab some for YOU…

Dig in and savor these one-bite, one-hand Mini Monte’s!  ~Enjoy! :)



  1. You got this just right! And, hit my Achilles tendon in the process. The BEST MC’s were had at Bennigans ( remember them?)…and the raspberry jam…dead on perfection.

    • Thanks Greg! And YES!~Bennigan’s was the BEST!! I was a hostess there many moons ago, and probably gained 10lbs. from there epic Monte’s! ..I miss them! :)

    • I miss Bennigans too! I haven’t had a proper Monte Cristo in years. This recipe is close enough that maybe my taste buds will be happy again. I can’t wait to try them!

    • Omg, I remember Bennigans in Florida, years ago, and that’s where I had them, they were so delicious!! And I’m glad that they put them here in moderation.

  2. How would you make these if you were taking them to a party?? Cook them wait to sprinkle w/ confectioners then heat them up once you get there?? Or would you sprinkle right away and take as is??

    • I’d cook them and keep them warm..or warm them up in the oven once you’re there..and then give them a Powdered Sugar sprinkle when you’re ready to eat them! :)

  3. This is a home run…a touch down AND a gooooooooooooooaaaallllll! I am gonna whip these up this weekend! Simply brilliant! Keep em comin’, Oh!!!!

  4. Amy, these look soooooo delicious, warm and gooey! And what an amazing idea…poppers! Can’t wait to make these for Sunday :)

    • Thank you..hope you enjoy them! :)

  5. Can taste them now! For sure going to make them for my superbowl party. Yum, thanks Amy.

  6. OMG these look soooooo good! I miss having a Bennigans here in Kansas City, They closed and the closest one now is like 5 hrs away:(

  7. My husband worked at Bennigan’s back in another life, and he always raved about their Monte Cristo sandwiches. I made these poppers for him last night, and he said he liked these better! Wow! Is that possible? Was he just being extra nice because it’s Valentine’s Day?
    I don’t think so, because these were pretty awesome. And fun for my 6 year old to help me prepare, too.

    • I worked at Bennigan’s as well, back in the day, so thank him sooo much for that compliment! I’m thrilled you all loved them! :)

  8. made these delicous bites tonight for my son and his family…AMAZING! And, yes, it completely reminded me of my all-time favorite sandwich at Bennigan’s…(how I miss that restaurant.)

  9. i always eat these in a little different way, ham an cheese between 2 french toast !!!!

  10. omg what can i say, i too miss very very much Bennigans Monte Cristo’s the Best and really all i ever ate there. One question…do you think you could put a dollop of the jam inside for it to pop with flavor just checking.

    • OMgosh..yes! I’m so doing that next time…thank you! :)

  11. O my hat that look divine.
    I’m in Cape Town South Africa and I’m going to try this out.

  12. sigh… Bennigan’s.

  13. Can these be made ahead of time and put in the freeze until ready to fry them?

    • I think that might work! :)

  14. Thanks for this recipe, these look great! I’d like to take them to a brunch birthday celebration at work (around 10am), but I leave the house at 7:15. Can I make the night before, reheat in the oven the next morning and nuke them at work?

    Thanks again, they look awesome!


    • I think that should be fine…hope you enjoy them! :)

  15. I was sent to this site through a link, so it’s my first time here. I can’t wait to make these poppers…I know the family will love them. I immediately signed up for e-mails, because I figure if the rest of your recipes are this good, then I’ve hit a gold mine! Thanks.

  16. could even finely chop some jalapeno’s and put little in each one….just for a surprise….not too much though.



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