~Bacon Fries!

Once in a while I have, what I like to call…”Duh moments”.  Actually, I have them a lot, but this time it resulted in something dangerously delicious.  Crispy French Fries crusted in bits of smoky Bacon!

~That’s it..nothing complicated, or confusing.  Just Bacon crusted Fries!  :)

It’s hard to believe that the combination of those two things could cause such a stir.  But they did!  All I had to do was set the plate down and like magic, otherwise normal, calm, level-headed people lost their minds.  Manners went out the window and lips were smacking everywhere.

~No one was even ashamed..lol!

What you’ll need to see the dark side of everyone you know:

Double accordingly for more Fries..you will need more Bacon!

Frozen Shoestring French Fries (I used about 4 cups)

1lb Bacon..crispy and crushed!

1 Egg (not 2 as shown)

1 Cup Milk


Defrost the fries.

Crush up the Crispy Bacon the best way you can…

Mix the Egg and the Milk, add the Fries and let them get evenly coated in the liquid…

Coat the moist Fries in the Bacon Crumbles and bake them at 350 degrees for approx. 30 minutes, or until they’re evenly golden and crispy…

Serve them up and watch everyone you thought you knew turn into animals…haha!  ~Enjoy! :)



  1. I literally tried to eat the screen! I thank you, my hubby thanks you, and my kids love you!!!

  2. Mmmmm! Just add a little sour cream and cheese…..

    • Oh yeaaaaa….dats what I’m talk’n bout!

  3. Have not tried these but surely will look so good.

  4. This looks so good. Can ‘t wait to try it.

  5. can u sprinkle cheese on these? if so, would it go on in the beginning or towards the end of the cooking time?

    • Ohhhh yes! Prob 2-5 minutes at the end of cooking them, just to melt the cheese. Mmmm!

  6. I am going to have to try this! But I will continue on to drizzle them in cheese sauce, then dip in ranch :) I love ‘loaded potato fries’ but the thing that drives me nuts is trying to eat them and the bacon pieces falling off. This totally solves my issue, lol, thank you!

    • Haha..Cheese to the rescue! :)

  7. OMG

  8. Yum yum…. Im having an “indoor BBQ ” this weekend…due to the fact it is suppose to rain like crazy mothers day, I think I will whip up a batch of these!! You my dear are awwwesome!

  9. The easiest way to “crumble” bacon….
    Before frying cut the raw bacon into one inch (or bigger) pieces with kitchen scissors. Once it is fried – it is crumbled! Oh, so easy!

  10. I had to comment..when i saw you made these to go with salad..if you lived in Ohio you would just have em in you r salad..I’m from Colorado and visited my daughter in Ohio and was surprised to see fries in salad..it is good.

  11. I’m going to make these for my daughter and her friend for an after-school treat tomorrow except I’m converting the recipe to paleo-friendly:
    substitute frozen french fries to sweet potato slices and “milk” becomes coconut milk. I’m thinking it shall be “Nummy McNummerson”!!!

  12. Well, I’m n Ohio Christine & all I see is potato’s, bacon, sour cream, & chz! I had some jalapenos added to mine tho…now I’m stuffed :-P


  14. I tried these tonight but my french fries never crisped up and bacon falling off. Do you need to soak fries in milk for a few minutes? Also did you add some salt to the fries? They tasted like they needed something more. I’ll have to try with cheese. Served them with Chili Sauce for dipping.

  15. I have found that if you add cheese to this recipe, the bacon sticks to the fries better. If you want thicker fries, buy regular frozen fries.



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