Is it game day?  Are you dreaming of snacks already? These will be ready by half-time…

Cut up 4 medium Russet Potatoes into large wedges, leave the skin on. 
Sprinkle them with Montreal Steak Seasoning (a little goes a long way), and wrap them in your favorite bacon!

Put them on a wire rack over a sheet pan and bake them at 400 degrees for about 45 minutes, or until the bacon is crispy and tightly “hugging” the tender potato wedges!
Gently turn them over at the 20-ish minute mark, to evenly crisp up both sides! 🙂

*HINT* For dipping, serve these with some A-1 Steak Sauce! 
Or Ranch, or Ketchup, or  Hot & Cheesy Queso! If it sounds good to you..go ahead and dip these in it! ~Go Cowboys..LOL!

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