Okay..this is not your ordinary cupcake!  However, it is a conversation starter. 🙂

Prepare your favorite Belgian Waffle box mix and fill cupcake liners just over 3/4 full..bake like regular cupcakes in the oven following your box instructions!
~Now the fun starts!  After the cupcakes have cooled..dust off your waffle iron and spray it with cooking spray (VERY important)!! 
Gently smush the cupcakes, one or two at a time.. into the waffle iron, pushing down slightly to create the signature waffle squares..or what I like to call the syrup chambers!  🙂
Keep the cupcakes upright when “ironing” them, that way you can see when you’ve achieved the desired squares!

While they’re warm, top them with a pat of butter and a drizzle of maple syrup!!
*HINT* If you’re not going to use a fork…..eat them alone!  ~Enjoy 🙂

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