Mooove over ordinary cake, these fun cakes are filled with vanilla cream frosting and are the perfect blend of vanilla and chocolate! 

Whip up your fave box of vanilla cake mix and a box of  Devil’s Food cake mix! 
Using the entire 2 boxes will yield tons of cakes, so you may want to only use half of each box like I did, and divide the liquids accordingly!!
(Trust me, dividing it was easy math, or you wouldn’t be seeing this on here right now!)

Spray a cupcake pan liberally, and do not add wrappers!

Then, simply put a scoop of vanilla batter in your cupcake reservoir, and a scoop of chocolate batter right next to it..making a cow print pattern! I suggest NOT swirling them..leave the colors distinct just like a real cow,  the design will bake up exactly how you leave it!
 I used a square shaped cupcake pan..but round is absolutely fine!
Bake according to your box instructions!!  After they cool, pipe in some vanilla cream frosting (any brand) through the bottom of the cake!  Serve with cold milk! ~Enjoy!!

*HINT*  To stay with the “Cow” theme, serve these as a dessert after a great Steak Dinner!!  🙂

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