Football Snack Approved!!

Thaw some store bought frozen Tortellini (your fave brand)
1. Dip them in egg wash!
2. Roll them around in bread crumbs!
3. Fry them in Canola oil until golden! 
4. Drain on a paper towel (sprinkle a dash of salt over them while they’re hot!)

🙂 Frizzled Sage:
Just add a handful of fresh Sage leaves into the same hot oil for about 25 seconds..expect lots of popping oil! 
Remove to crisp up on some paper towel, and scatter them over the Tortellini..they’re a perfect combo! 

*HINT* Make sure to fry up lots of Sage, it’s so good, you won’t want to pop a Tortellini into your mouth without one!
~Happy Football!  🙂

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