Perfect for a Saturday morning with the kids, okay..who am I kidding, it’s perfect for us adults too!  🙂

To start, just prepare your favorite box of pancake mix according to your serving sizes and box instructions! 

In a food processor or blender, pulverize approx. 12 Oreo cookies, middle and all!!  Add the crumbs to your pancake batter until it becomes the beautiful color of Oreos. 
It didn’t make my batter too thick, but if yours thickens up too much, simply add a few drops of water, one at a time, until it becomes the right pancake consistency!
Cook them like normal pancakes and stack them up, top them with some butter and a dollop of Vanilla Frosting, which by the way..tastes almost exactly like the Oreo middles!
*HINT* Cold milk is a must!

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