Warning!  Only make these for someone who you really want hanging around for a while, otherwise..you won’t get rid of them!  🙂 
At first glace these may be a bit difficult to make out, however, it only takes a second to realize exactly what’s going on here..lol! 
These are one bite Cherry Pies..
Simply take  Maraschino Cherries (in the jar-with the stems on) and let them dry on a paper towel while you prepare the store bought pie crust. 
Roll out the crust and dust it lightly with corn starch, use a 2″ square cookie cutter (or just a knife) and cut one 2″square per cherry..moisten the edges of the pie crust square with some egg wash (1 beaten egg and a splash of water), center the cherry in the middle of the square and gently seal the crust around the cherry, it helps to put the dough in your palm when wrapping the cherry in there! 
Leave the stem exposed, for function and effect!! 
After the cherries are sealed and look cute, brush the egg wash on the outside of the crust and sprinkle with red sparkle sugar..(this helps them to glisten in the candle light during your romantic dessert)  🙂
Carefully place them on a cookie sheet and  bake them uncovered at 350 for about 15-ish minutes..THEY WILL FALL OVER, don’t let that drive you crazy like I did..it only adds to their character when they’re done!  Keep checking them to make sure they don’t burn!
~Let them cool, and enjoy these adorable and scrumptious Cherry Pie Bites!
*HINT*  Have a bowl of semi-melty Vanilla Ice Cream on the side and dip away!!

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