Jalapenos stuffed with cheese, slathered with crushed Tostitos Chips..then deep fried!!
*Enjoy with a diet beverage..LOL! :))

Simply hollow out the jalapenos through the non-stem end, making a small hole for the seeds to come out and the cheese to go in!
Stuff the peppers with cheese (I like a mix of shredded cheddar and mozzarella)..then set aside.

Mix together a batch of regular pancake mix!

Dust the pepper with some flour and dip it into the pancake batter~ then coat thoroughly in crushed Tostitos..a medium size crush, you wanna see them on there! 

Deep fry in Canola oil until golden and crispy..the smell is amazing!
Eat warm so as to enjoy the pull factor of the cheese! 🙂

*HINT*  Dip into Ranch to cool things off, if the poppers are a bit too spicy!

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