This is such a fun and tasty Fall snack~~
Personally,  I like to fool myself with the theory that if your oil is hot enough, eating something fried is not that, I will go out on a limb and call this a healthy! 🙂

Gather a few apples (your favorite variety) and slice them as thin as you can, I used a Mandolin, but if your knife is sharp..that will work too!
In a deep stock pot, heat up about 3 inches of Canola Oil! Make sure that there’s plenty of room left above the oil line, since the apples have lots of moisture and will create quite a fuss in the oil!

Fry them until they’re golden, and move them around a lot for even frying! 
It’ll seem as if nothing is happening..for what will feel like an eternity, however, once they start to brown goes really fast! 
Take them out when they start getting dark, do NOT expect them to crisp up in the hot oil, they WON’T! 
They will get crispy AFTER they cool on some paper towel!
While they’re warm sprinkle them generously with Cinnamon-Sugar and a dash of Kosher/Sea Salt!
Now you’re ready to enjoy these crispy, sweet & “healthy” Kettle Apple Chips!! 🙂
*HINT*  To take these to another level, pour some Caramel Sauce and go crazy!

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