Have you ever been on either side of the “Paint Party” scam fun? 

The promise of beer and pizza for a full day’s work of physical labor in a new house? 
We all have at some point, been the “promisor” or the “promisee” of such a fraud ..either way, by the end of the day everyone is cranky, and the pizza never seems to be quite the payback we’d hoped for!

Although this idea won’t take away the exhaustion, it is a cute way to add some smiles to the back-breaking chore fun paint party!  🙂

What you‘ll need:

5 Brightly colored mini paint cans (Michael’s Craft Store $1.25 ea.)
1 box of any cake mix you like
1 container of any white frosting you like
An assortment of food coloring colors!

Yep..It’s just what you’re thinking!  Fill up each can just over halfway full..anymore than that and you’ll have a big mess//trust me..lol!
Bake like regular cupcakes, on a baking sheet!  Let them cool and frost with the frosting!
“Splash” the tops of the frosting with the coordinating food colors..and serve!

*HINT*  Make sure and remember to pass out spoons and plenty of napkins, especially if it’s your new house that’s getting painted!  Also great for a kid’s party as well! 😉  ~Enjoy!

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