The simplicity of this fudge is almost ridiculous! 
If I had known that making fudge could be this easy, I’d have attempted it a long time ago!
The possibilities are endless, and so much fun! 
I added entire chunks of Pecan Pie into this batch and wow..what a combination! 
I can’t wait to fudgify all kinds of other goodies! 🙂
Here’s all you’ll need to give it a try!
1 container of Vanilla Frosting
6 mini pecan pies ( OR you can use half of a regular size pie)
1 bag of Nestle White Chips                                                          
Yes..only three items for amazing fudge!

Directions: ??????

?? Use a medium bowl to make a double boiler and melt the White Chips together with the frosting, stir to combine.  Cut your pecan pie into about 1″ pieces..set aside!  ???
The waiting is the hardest part!


Just begging to be cut up!
When it’s melted and combined, pour half of it into a square pan lined with parchment paper. 
Place the Pecan Pie pieces evenly onto that layer of the fudge, and then drizzle the other half of the fudge over it. 
Let it cool (in the fridge)..and cut into squares!????? 
If you have any left, you’re a Saint store it in the fridge!!
So beautiful….  🙂


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