I’m a bit embarrassed at the level of excitement that these adorable swizzler sticks give me, considering how easy they are! 
They’re such a fun way to jazz up your hot holiday beverage, or give as adorable little gifts! 
Just add one of these to your coffee, or hot cocoa and transform your drink into something super special! The combination of goodies you can add to these adorable stir sticks are only limited by your imagination..have fun with it!!  🙂

I chose to make:
white chocolate-cinnamon
milk chocolate-cherry chip
white chocolate-sprinkles
milk chocolate-cordial cherry m&m’s
white chocolate-chocolate sprinkles
milk chocolate-Andes mint chips
milk chocolate-chile powder & cinnamon (Mexican hot chocolate)
white & milk chocolate swirl

What you’ll need:
Large candy canes
Regular sized marshmallows (one per candy cane)
White chocolate almond bark

Milk chocolate almond bark
An assortment of your favorite sprinkles, and toppings!

In separate double boilers melt the white chocolate bark and milk chocolate bark.

Cut a small slit into each marshmallow and insert the candy cane end into it.
Dip, or pour your chocolate coating of choice over each marshmallow coating well.  Sprinkle with desired treats and and set on wax paper until they set!
Wrap ’em up in cute wrappers and watch for smiles!
Stir them into your hot chocolate or coffee, and POOF..an instant treat!

Don’t forget to share with friends, family, neighbors, mailmen, dog groomers, babysitters, hair dressers, co-workers & frenemies..they’ll love them, and you!
Happy Holidays!!  ~Enjoy!  🙂






GONE!!  🙂






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