Do you ever wish you could enjoy your cinnamon rolls without the hassle of using a fork?

Have you spent countless hours feeling guilty for taking time away from important life tasks, searching for an available table & chair, just so you could enjoy your cinnamon!  🙂 

Well, no longer do you have to worry about the possible shame and embarrassment of time wasted!! 

Now you can enjoy your rolls with the freedom of streamlining all of your important tasks in between bites! 
And the best’ll stay so busy that you can  pretend you’re not even eating cinnamon rolls, WHILE you’re actually eating cinnamon rolls!  This is a calorie denial dream come true! 🙂

I’ve taken a luscious cinnamon roll and turned it into a convenient mini handheld treat.  The best of both worlds is now at your finger tips~ Do yoga..take a bite~ Watch The Food Network..take a bite~ Pay bills..take a bite!’ll have enjoyed at least 2 rolls before anyone notices…even you!  Here’s how you can make these delicious grab-n-go rolls..Whoopie!   :))

What you’ll need:
1 Roll of Pillsbury “Cinnabon” Cinnamon Rolls..with the Cream Cheese Frosting
1 mini cupcake pan

Just pop open the Cinnamon Rolls and separate each one..cut each of them into 1/3 and place them down into the mini cupcake pan..bake until they are firm.  If they get too puffy..just trim off the bottoms to make a more even Whoopie!
Use the frosting from the package of rolls, and make little whoopie pies, by sandwiching 2 of the rolls together with the frosting..both sides will be the top side..Mmm! Let the frosting set up so they’re hand friendly!

Now you’re ready to pop some in your mouth as you continue on with life!  ~Enjoy!  :)?



If you end up with some cinnamon roll trimmings from the bottoms..toast them up and use them as croutons for a Spinach & Gorgonzola salad!  🙂

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