I just love chicken dinners..but let’s face it, after a while every recipe seems a bit mundane! 
But you know what’s never mundane?  “Event pretzels!”  You know, the giant pretzels that are covered in way too much rock salt and come with the little cup of never enough “cheese product” for an extra .75?!  You can get one everywhere from stadiums to malls to street corners!  Mmm..they’re so darn good!

Well, I think I’ve figured out a way to turn dinner time into an “event” worthy of a high priced ticket!

Shhh..don’t let the kids know what the ‘un-healthy’ inspiration is, just watch their plates go from full to empty in record time!
Now as for the husbands, definitely let them know what the inspiration is, in fact, serve theirs with a cold beer, then take them shopping and make them carry the bags..and your purse!  They won’t even complain..lol!  😉 
So, if you’re at the end of your chicken recipe rope, give this one a try!!  You’ll love the layers of cheddar cheese and crushed pretzels, with the hint of mustard in the background!  The flavors are fantastic, and make for a fun new way to enjoy chicken!!
Give this recipe a try, it’s sure to turn your dinner into a fun family event! 🙂

The pretzely, cheesy center!

What you’ll need:
Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breast (roughly one per person)
Sharp Cheddar Cheese
Crushed pretzels
Mustard (approx. a tbsp. per breast..optional))
Large eggs (approx. one per 3 chicken breasts worth of dipping)
1 cup milk
S&P to taste

Butterfly each chicken breast, and pound it out until it’s thin enough to roll up.
Crush up some pretzels..about a cup per breast.

Prepare a breading station with:?

Every bite has “Event Pretzel” layers! 🙂 


1 bowl of flour
1bowl with the eggs, milk, mustard (optional) and S&P 

1 bowl with the crushed pretzels

Dredge each breast in flour, then into the eggs, and then coat both sides in the crushed pretzels. Add some cheese down the center of the breast and roll it up!  Bake on a baking sheet at 350, for approx. 45 minutes, or until it’s cooked through and golden! 

Slice each roll..serve and watch for smiles!  
~Enjoy your dinner event! 🙂

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