I just couldn’t leave the good old rum ball alone!! 

Although in my defense, every simplified recipe that I’ve seen uses Vanilla Wafers!  As fabulous as they are, especially dunked in milk,  I just don’t see them as a festive holiday-ish treat! 
Sooo I swapped them for Gingerbread Cookies! 

While I was at it..I rolled them in toasted Coconut, instead of cocoa/sugar. I’m such a rebel..lol!

From now on my Vanilla Wafers are staying in my milk..because the combination of spicy Gingerbread Cookies, with the Coconut and Rum are to die for! 
If you have any doubt, make a batch of both versions and have a little taste test.  With all that Rum..it would be good times! 🙂


So simple!!

? What you’ll need:
*Keep in mind: these amounts have many variables, so use my portions as a guide. The balls are based on size/consistency..so adjustments to the wet/dry measurements are necessary! 
Just have a couple of sips of the Rum and you won’t care! 😉

~1 Bag of Gingerbread Cookies to make approx. 3 cups of crushed crumbs!
~Malibu Rum. (Approx. 1 cup)
~Toasted Coconut.  (Approx. 3 cups to roll the balls in)
~Powdered Sugar. (Approx. 2 cups)
~Corn Syrup.  4 Tbsp.


You may have a few left over…nah! 🙂


In a food processor, grind up the cookies into crumbs..(you can crush them by hand as well, as long as they’re a crumb consistency) Set aside..
Toast up your Coconut in a 350 degree oven for about 12 minutes..KEEP AN EYE ON IT! 
Set aside to roll the balls in later.
In a large bowl, add the Cookie Crumbs and the  Powdered Sugar ..mix together!
Stir the Syrup and the Rum into the cookie and sugar mixture,  until it’s thick enough to form solid balls.
This is where you can adjust the dry and wet ingredients until your mix forms a nice firm rum ball.
Roll the mix, with your hands into about 1″ balls and then coat them in the toasted coconut! 


So moist and rich!!


Now they’re all ready to eat up!!

~Enjoy!  🙂

*HINT*  Store them in the fridge or for long-term storage, they freeze perfectly!

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