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Okay, I’m not a 4th grader..I’m just really horrible at “crafts”!
The ONLY reason that I’m even posting this is because I think the idea is really cute, and everyone just loved them!

You can do it justice by perfecting the details much better than I!

To create these sad, melting little guys, all you’ll need is:

White cake mix
White frosting
..and all the cute decorations needed to fashion a snowman!  I apologize that these don’t look better, sadly this was my best effort! 🙁


Fill your cupcake papers a little bit less than 1/3 up with your cake batter.  Turn some empty tins upside down in the oven, then prop your filled tin at an angle resting on them to bake!
See pic——-> 
This will give you the “melting body”! 
Bake at 350 for about 15 minutes..or less, since they’re tilted they go a bit faster..just keep an eye on them!


“Nooo!”  🙂


Let them cool, frost them..and decorate them with sad faces and cute accessories!
Have fun with them..the kids get such a kick out of these little disappearing snowmen! ~Enjoy!




*HINT*  PLEASE,  if you make these little guys, post some pictures, I’d love to see them!!  🙂

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