Okay, I’m not a 4th grader..I’m just really horrible at “crafts”!
The ONLY reason that I’m even posting this is because I think the idea is really cute, and everyone just loved them!

You can do it justice by perfecting the details much better than I did..lol!

To create these sad, melting little guys, all you’ll need is:

White cake mix
White frosting
..and all the cute decorations needed to fashion a snowman!  I apologize that these don’t look better, sadly this was my best effort! 🙁


Fill your cupcake papers a little bit less than 1/3 up with your cake batter.  Turn some empty tins upside down in the oven, then prop your filled tin at an angle resting on them to bake!
See pic——-> 
This will give you the “melting body”! 
Bake at 350 for about 15 minutes..or less, since they’re tilted they go a bit faster..just keep an eye on them!


“Nooo!”  🙂


Let them cool, frost them..and decorate them with sad faces and cute accessories!
Have fun with them..the kids get such a kick out of these little disappearing snowmen! ~Enjoy!




*HINT*  PLEASE,  if you make these little guys, post some pictures, I’d love to see them!!  🙂

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