Warm & gooey, pepperminty brownie..Mmm!

?? ?

? Well, this is far from what I originally had in mind, when I set out to combine brownies with a moist peppermint center.  However,  I truly believe that there are almost no recipe fails, and I’m letting you behind the scenes to prove it!  🙂 
Just take a look at this recipe disaster scrumptious and warm dessert with the cute name! —>

Now I’ll proceed as normal, and explain how..you too, can create this gooey, spoonable brownie with hints of festive peppermint. 
And then I will let you into the ugly reality of how it became even better than what I originally intended! 🙂

What you’ll need:
1 Mini Box of Cookie dough mix (regular size will work fine too)
1 Mini Box of Brownie mix (regular size will work fine too)
1.5 cups of Andes Peppermint Crunch..if you can’t find this, just crush up some candy canes!

In 2 separate bowls prepare each box mix according to the instructions.

Top layer of brownie batter..oh yeahh!


Mix the peppermint crunch into the cookie dough.
In a greased baking dish, pour half of the brownie batter into the bottom.
Layer all of the cookie dough onto it, then top it with the rest of the brownie batter! ——>

Bake at 350 until it’s cooked through!
Dig in while it’s warm…SO good!


The ugly truth!  🙂

? Ok..here’s the ugly truth;  I wanted to make a layered brownie bar, that could be sliced into ladylike pieces and enjoyed with a fork and manners. 
However, when I tried to turn it out of the baking dish..this happened —–>
Yep, a big ole’ pile of WTF?! 

But I stayed calm, thought of a cutesy name and prettied it up!!  It wasn’t until I actually tasted this moist, sweet decadent surprise, that I realized it couldn’t have turned out better if it were the plan from the beginning! 

So, remember..take chances in the kitchen, everything can be re-worked!!  It’s only food! 

~Enjoy!!  🙂

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