I adore one-bite-wonders!!  I’ve made everything from chips & dips to sammies and drinks, I think I’ve got ’em all covered!  However, I’ve noticed that all most of these snacks aren’t ..how shall we say, ‘healthy’!  I really needed to work a veggie into the menu just to balance things out..lol!

What better way to enjoy all the health benefits of Mushrooms, than to stuff them with Mozzarella cheese and wrap them in Bacon?






So that’s exactly what I did, and the entire batch was gone in less than 5 minutes!  I guess everyone is on a veggie health kick these days..haha!

Their record speed disappearance isn’t surprising because this is by far, the very best Mushroom appetizer that I’ve ever had!  The Bacon shrink wraps itself around the juicy Mushroom, as the hot Mozzarella Cheese oozes out and creates dark, crispy edges.  All of the juicy goodness somehow turns into its own sticky glaze as they self baste in flavor!

What you’ll need:

Bacon..1 strip for 2 mushrooms

A block of Mozzarella Cheese ..cut into 1/4″ squares

Button Mushrooms



Remove all the Mushroom stems

Cut little squares of Mozzarella and stuff them to fit inside each Mushroom cap.

Cut the bacon slices in half and wrap one around each Cheese stuffed Mushroom.

Bake them seam-side down on a sheet pan at 350 degrees, for about 30 minutes, or until the Bacon is glazed and crispy!

Serve with a nice cold beer beverage, and make sure that you make more than you think you’ll want/need..because these go super fast! 



Enjoy!! 🙂

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